About this project

Design Good Practices provides guidelines and opinionated recommendations for organising your design files, components, and systems — along with design articles and tutorials to enhance your skills.

This is actually the second iteration of a website that I launched a few years ago. The original idea was to provide some guidelines on how to organise your components, name your layers, and document design.

Later on, this was expanded to also contain design articles, guidance on components, and Figma tutorials — to cover many aspects that may be necessary in design systems or product design in general.

It was inspired by now (kind of old) websites on design and code guidelines (such as mdo’s) that were aimed at providing people with some basic soft rules on how to work on their projects.

I hope this may be especially useful to designers who like to use conventions and standards and work with an organisation that may make their designs scalable and easy to understand not only to themselves but for anyone else.

As usual, there are many ways to do something. Many people are still trying to figure out good practices and best approaches, and the ones presented here are just a few of them. This is not meant to be the “absolute truth” or an encyclopaedia of all possible ways but an opinionated content that may be better than nothing for some people.

Photo by Maxim Berg on Unsplash.

How it was built

I try to be as transparent as possible when working on something, as this may be helpful to other people. Therefore, here are some tools and resources that I have used to build this:

  • Kirby CMS. It’s my go-to option when building sites that need a variable amount of content and need to be structured. It has its learning curve, but also a helpful forum that may help you get unstuck when you need it.
  • Shapefest. A massive library of 3D shapes in different materials and angles that help make any project better.
  • Fathom Analytics. Not being a big fan of Google myself, this analytics website became my standard for every project. I find it affordable for my needs, but best of all is privacy-focused — that’s why I don’t even need to add that pesky cookies banner for European users.

Feedback, contributions and support

Being this a side project, it will get updated over time. I welcome collaborations, contributions, and feedback to make it useful to more people and more complete in nature. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to help out. Otherwise, the best way of supporting this project is spreading the word about it.


I’m open to hearing from you for anything you may need regarding this website or other design needs.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading this ❤️